Break free from the day-to-day monotony of your cubicle and classes in a place rich with culture and alive with the harvest season. Connect with people from across the globe, united by the common bond of beauty and appreciation for world-class wine. Spend your next holiday in a place like no other, brimming with activity and bustling with events for the whole family. Stay for a while and choose between an array of lodging options, ranging from the quaint, charming cottage to elegant penthouse suite. Recapture your youth amidst a backdrop of alternately rugged and idyllic terrain. Discover your second home in Napa Valley — a paradisiacal refuge that beckons you to return again and again.

Relish the Valley’s selection of hotels & motels:

As a happy result of the millions of travelers that are drawn each year to Napa Valley, the area is brimming with hotels and motels, in all sizes and flavors. With options appealing to all types of lodgers, the region accommodates those looking for luxury and those looking for an earthier feel alike. Lavish locations — close enough to smell the freshly-crushed grapes — and converted historical homes set the standard high for those seeking the finest in service and setting. More affordable motels speckle the surrounding countryside, providing travelers inside looks into the daily life of Napa natives. Whether on a weekend trip or lengthy, hard-earned vacation, Napa has a hotel for you.

Relax at one of Napa’s many resorts & spas:

For those looking for an all-inclusive, hands-off recipe for a flawless vacation, look no further. Leave all your worries to an impeccably-trained staff, while you dip your toes in hot springs and soak in the rays of the waning afternoon sun. Napa Valley impresses with a vast variety of resorts, designed to cater to the every need of their guests in Hollywood fashion. Cast off your worries in a bubbling spa, while awaiting the return of your delicacy-laden server. Turn off your phones, close your laptops, and lose yourself in an oasis of tranquility — after all, the only thing left on the docket for today is that massage about which you will forever reminisce.

Rest at a bed & breakfast or off-the-radar inn:

Let the smell of crackling bacon and butter-smeared pancakes coax you from your sleep, as you lazily yawn and plan your fun-filled day. Stroll across finely-manicured grounds and breathe deeply of the fresh valley air. Take comfort in a homey, family-focused atmosphere without having to worry about cleaning up, or cooking, or anything else: for your only job is to enjoy. Napa has a charming arrangement of such places — some unassuming inns, others idyllic bed & breakfasts — all perfect for romantic getaways or ways to snag a taste of home while traveling. After growing accustomed to such stellar treatment, you may find yourself making excuses as to why you should never leave.

Rent a vacation home & keep coming back:

There is no need to resign yourself merely to hoping one day to return to Napa Valley; rather, rent a furnished home, or purchase a time share, and continually return for more. The ever-changing dynamics of the valley foster an environment that begs visitors to come back to experience the old — anew. Like one of the fine wines it produces, Napa gets better with age: with each trip, the sojourner gains new insight into, and appreciation for, the depth, subtlety and complexity of the alluring region. Among the available longer-term lodgings are lofts, cottages, condos and guest homes — each offering a unique context from which to experience Napa. Rental options range from weekend-long to multiple-month stays; or, you could give in to your heart’s whisper, buy a home, and forget about renting altogether.

Retire under the stars in an RV or tent:

For many, there's no greater feeling than one brought by the freedom of a vast open road and an even vaster open sky. Whether seeking the peaceful satisfaction of sleeping under the stars, separate from the too-busy world, or the freedom to come and go as you wish — seek no more. Napa Valley is a haven for outdoors-lovers, and those looking for a rugged alternative to a luxury suite are greeted with a gamut of possibilities. Sleep on the side of a mountain and stare down at the vineyards below; hop from site to site in your RV, as you experience a side of Napa that few are fortunate enough to receive. The journey is yours for the taking; the only decision left to make — where to begin?