Motivo | media that moves

We create content that matters.

At Motivo, our background is diverse, but our focus is singular: to help clients simplify complex ideas and share them through compelling media.

We specialize in collaborating with nonprofit organizations and startups to produce and market multilayered media campaigns.


Meet our founders:

Tim Hedberg

Award-winning Filmmaker & Marketer


Tim is a bilingual filmmaker, entrepreneur, and all-around media maverick whose work has focused on audience empowerment and storytelling for a variety of nonprofits, universities and startups around the world.

Previously, Tim guided all marketing efforts at CoBuy, a shared real estate start-up based in Seattle, and Klink Delivery Inc., an innovative on-demand delivery company. He is an active visiting professor at Universidad Francisco Marroquín’s film school in Guatemala City and speaks regularly at conferences and events around the world.

Tim wants to be your creative collaborator! Reach out to brainstorm creative ways to tell your story.


Noah Bradon

Award-winning Writer & Producer


Noah is a bilingual writer, filmmaker, and serial entrepreneur whose work has been featured across the United States and Europe.

Noah's portfolio includes a disparate collection of creative media, with a focus on producing documentaries and crafting advertising and journalism-related copy.

Leveraging his experience as an award-winning writer, editor and producer, Noah excels at generating custom, client-driven solutions designed to boost your brand's reach.


Meet the team:


Ben wade

Ben is a producer and director. His passions lie in documentary, narrative, and commercial work. Ben excels at building teams and cultures that are safe and motivating to every single person on set. Those teams create powerful, world-changing video products on time and under budget.

Previously, Ben was a senior producer at Digital Product Studio creating niche instructor-centered educational content for large audiences. This included large scale live broadcasts for conferences, as well as run and gun documentary style content. Ben also has experience working at Urban Legend Productions, a full-service, live-action and editorial production company that specialized in television commercials, branded content, and branded industrial films.