Regardless of the kind of work you do, the value of a highly functional home office is undeniable. However, it’s easy for a home office to become cluttered and disorganized — and, thus, ineffective and wasteful. Strategic decorative and organizational features can ensure that your home office doesn’t just become an extension of your dresser drawers or garage.

Whether you have an entire room designated as a home office or simply a desk in the corner of your bedroom, these ideas can help you create a space that’s aesthetically pleasing as well as optimally functional.  

1. Take advantage of bar-cart storage

A rolling utility cart is the perfect accessory for your home office. Slim enough to fit right next to your desk, its mobility also allows you to pull it out for easy access to file folders, reference books, and office supplies. Using a bar cart as a catch-all center also helps keep your work surface ready and de-cluttered.

2. Incorporate floating shelves, mounted accessories

The key to maximizing home office space is a vertical design that utilizes all available wall space. Floating shelves above the desk provide space for books, storage bins and decorative elements when there’s no floor space for a bookshelf. You can be even more creative with vertical office design by mounting mail files, white boards, out-facing storage bins, and anything else that would otherwise take up space on your work surface.

3. Cover your wall with chalkboard paint

If you’re weary of searching for a scrap piece of paper to write on during important phone calls, or if sticky notes are threatening to take over your workspace, paint the wall behind your desk with chalkboard paint. This gives a creative, unexpected element to the space while also being highly functional. Write reminders, phone numbers, favorite quotes, or a calendar that can be easily revised as well as erased and redone at the end of the month.

4. Don't forget the...

Framed quotes, photos of people and things you love, certificates and unique decorations that will make your home office functional and enjoyable. Including such memorabilia will also stimulate creativity and work ethic by reminding you why you’re doing that work in the first place.