Need to Keep an Eye on Work while Traveling? Don’t Leave Home without these Apps


No longer does traveling require you to take off work.

Thanks to an ever-improving suite of high-tech apps and digital tools, taking your work with you is simpler than ever before.

Download the following and free yourself up to remotely collaborate on projects, communicate with your teams and, above all else, stay organized.

Though being away from the office might mean that face-to-face interactions are not feasible, there’s no reason to completely ditch real-time communication. To that end, Slack is a free workplace communication app, compatible with both Apple and Android devices and ideally suited to remote teams.

Users interact via channels through which they can share files, chat and make calls between members in disparate parts of the country. Or you can go the direct message route if you need to reach only one person.

Especially helpful is the search feature, which allows you to scour every message and file that has been shared within the app. When synced with your phone and computer, every update and stream of communication are sent to all connected devices, giving you peace of mind about staying up to speed … even on the go.

Slack offers three levels of membership: free, standard, and plus, depending on the size of your company and/or projects.

Project management can truly be a challenge if you’re not physically with your team, which is where Trello comes in. Trello is an online-based tool that allows teams to stay on task with projects, update progress, and completely customize “Boards” to optimize performance.

Compatible with Apple and Android, Trello syncs to connected devices, keeping supervisors and team members alike informed of the team’s ongoing progress.

Cards and Boards are the two basic means of staying organized on Trello, but the degrees of customization are nearly endless when considering the checklists, comments, due dates, reminders and stickers that team members can leverage to stay on task and complete projects efficiently.

Trello offers free, Gold, and Business Class memberships, designed to cater to the spectrum of users’ needs.

Staying organized is made easy with Evernote, an innovative app that allows you to take notes, capture information visually, organize by date, and share all of these files with others -- or just among your personal devices, depending on the needs at hand.

Evernote is special for its ability to save pictures (yes, from your smartphone) as searchable notes, so the next time you’ve jotted down notes on a scrap piece of paper or napkin, you can take a picture, save it to Evernote, and later search for text within that image.

Moreover, Evernote can be used as a reminder system to help you get tasks done in a timely manner. Syncable with all connected devices, Evernote will send notifications to your desktop and your phone, meaning you won’t have to worry about missing a deadline wherever your journey takes you.

Also worth noting are modern-day workplace essentials like Dropbox and Drive, which continue to be invaluable tools for securely saving and sharing documents, photos, spreadsheets and more with your team -- no matter how far flung.

N. C. Cole